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MIDI Support and Ableton Link

I will be adding MIDI support for transport only. I'm going to first implement Ableton Link, and then see where MIDI sync fits in after that.


  • i dave . Ive just bought it...Very clever app.....Between cubasis and loopy...the best looper...But no sync clok?!!!

    When The ableton link fonction will be available.....?!!!Is it possible to become a beta tester...
  • @olv No ETA just yet for sync. I'll definitely let you know when I'm starting to test it though. Thanks!
  • Any timeline on LINK?

    Otherwise this app is really unique for me. I use it as a MINI clip organizer and combiner. I literally can take 4 loops, 1 IMaschine, 1 Launchpad, 1 Sunrizer, and 1 Bassline. Then I can combine them into a cool little stem. No DAW needed. And all done on IPHONE. I use this as a blank canvas where I combine things into stems/loops.
  • I have finally carved out some time to work on LooperSonic starting this week. I imagine Link compatibility within a month or two. Sorry about the wait.
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